The Tower Love Story

It was October of 1985 when I was introduced to a breathtakingly beautiful girl from Curacao at the old Eastern Michigan University library. I fell in love with her instantly. Eros, the Greek god of love, aimed his bow and took a quick but accurate shot at me. To my bad luck, he missed her! I did everything to impress her; I even bought every Air Supply and Julio Iglesias record- and memorized the words! She told me she wanted to be “just friends”. On Valentine’s Day in 1986, I had the most brilliant idea. I would make  a heart-shaped pizza to deliver to her. I made a beautiful pizza with pesto and shrimp and wrote “I love you” on it with goat cheese!

There I was, in front of her apartment door armed with my two strongest weapons, my cooking and my  humor (ok, let’s not forget my good looks). I felt just like my Greek ancestors in the Trojan Horse trying to conquer her heart. “Pizza Delivery!”, I shouted. There she was, looking more beautiful than ever. She opened the door and the rest is Greek history. She took this photo and then she  kissed me – (Then I had to leave, because I had three other heart-shaped pizzas in the car to deliver… (just kidding!).

We graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 1990 and in 1997 they bought the Tower Inn Cafe, where we had our first date. Rois and Nathalie work side by side every single day in Ypsilanti with their two children, Andrea and Christopher.

“Our food is made with lots of love and we are trying to win your hearts, as well, every single day. We hope to see you soon and often at the Tower Inn Cafe”.

-Rois and Nathalie Savvides